Kids’ Show with Atwater-Donnelly
Atwater Donnelly Band

Kids’ Show with Atwater-Donnelly

Kids of all ages are invited to a FREE event with a full hour of music by Atwater-Donnelly presented just to them.

The highly praised husband-wife duo blends gorgeous vocals with an astounding array of instruments including the mountain dulcimer, old-time banjo, tin whistle, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, limberjacks, feet and more.

I almost fainted when you sang and danced and played the banjo at the same time! My mouth was droped (sic) open the entire time. — 4th graders, Chaplin Elementary School, Chaplin, CT

Your show was on record the BEST show in the entire known universe. I could not believe the wondrous things you could do. The wheel amazing, the songs breathtaking, the riddles are perplexing. Your show has burned an everlasting image in my mind. I will NEVER EVER forget…THANK YOU. — 7th Grader, Martin Middle School, East Providence, RI

I don’t want it to be over! I loved it so much, it breaks my heart! — Child weeping on the way out of the assembly, Mountain View, Arkansas, September, 2015

RSVP so that we can prepare the space. Children must be accompanied by an adult.