Kids’ Show with Matt Heaton
Matt Heaton

Kids’ Show with Matt Heaton

Kids of all ages are invited to a FREE event with a full hour of music catered just to them.

Matt Heaton believes music for kids can be entertaining for both children AND parents. His songs blend mid-century American guitar styles: surf, rockabilly, western swing & soul, delivered with a wry sense of humor and a sincere sense of fun. Kids dance, laugh, and sing along. Grown-ups appreciate the Muppet-esque touches of humor and observations of kid behavior. Call it children’s music, family music, kindie or toddlerbilly it’s sure to please listeners of all ages.

RSVP so that we can prepare the space. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Kids Hour - Aug 28th

FREE! August 28th, 2022 @ Boalsburg Museum Amphitheatre from 5pm - 6pm

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