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(Note: The links below were valid at the time of the show, and some are many years old. Links change, as do performer, group, and label associations. If the link doesn’t work, try a later show by the same performer or use Google, Facebook, etc.. That’s how we try to keep up!)

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Show#Main ActOpening ActDate/TimeVenuePrice
Spring 2019 55th Season 28th Year
318Duo DuoMay 18/7:30 pmCWB$22
317Karyn OliverMay 4/7:30 pmCWB$18
316Missy Raines TrioMar 23/7:30 pmCWB$22
315Hank CramerApr 6/7:30 pmCWB$18
314Beppe GambettaFeb 9/7:30 pmCWB$22
313Mike BlockJan 26/7:30 pmCWB$18
Fall 2018 54th Season 27th Year
312The KennedysNov. 17/7:30 pmCWB$18
311The Loretta Hagen TrioNov. 3/7:30 pmCWB$18
310Friction FarmOct. 20/7:30 pmCWB$18
309Low LilyOct. 6/7:30 pmCWB$18
308Simple Gifts CD ReleaseSep. 15/7:30 pmCWB$18
307Red MollySep. 9/8:00 pmTST$25
Spring 2018 53rd Season 27th Year
306Victoria VoxMay 12/7:30 pmCWB$16
305Brad & Ken Kolodner TrioApr 14/7:30 pmCWB$18
304EllisMar 24/7:30 pmCWB$16
303Michael JerlingMar 10/7:30 pmCWB$18
302Sam Gleaves & Tyler HughesFeb 10/7:30 pmCWB$18
Fall 2017 52nd Season 26th Year
301The Early MaysDec 9/7:30 pmCWB$18
300Maeve Gilchrist & Keith MurphyNov 4/7:30 pmCWB$18
299Dan Stevens (as Ramblin’ Dan Stevens)Oct 14/7:30 pmCWB$16
298SONiA disappear fearSep 23/7:30 pmCWB$18
Spring 2017 51st Season 26th Year
297The Hillbilly GypsiesApr 15/7:30 pmWPSU$16
296Mustard’s RetreatMar 25/7:30 PMCWB$18
295Mike + RuthyMar 11/7:30 PMCWB$16
294Lúnasa25th Anniversary ShowFeb 25/7:30 PMWPSU$25
293John FlynnFeb 4/7:30 PMCWB$16
Fall 2016 50th Season 25th Year
292Ari and Mia FriedmanDec 3/7:30 PMCWB$16
291Joe CrookstonNov 19/19:30WPSU$20
290Jud CaswellOct 22/7:30 PMCWB$16
289Raven and The WrenSept 24/7:30 PMCWB$16
Spring 2016 49th Season 25th Year
288The Tall TreesMay 7/7:30 pmCWB$16
287Foghorn StringbandApr 23/7:30 pmCWB$16
286Malcolm HolcombeMar 26/7:30 pmCWB$16
285Abbie GardnerFeb 27/7:30 pmCWB$16
284Susan WernerFeb 6/7:30 pmWPSU$16
Fall 2015 48th Season 24th Year
283The Honey DewdropsDec 12/7:30 pmCWB$16
282Dirk Powell and Riley BaugusDec 5/7:30 pmWPSU$16
281Hanneke Cassel, Mike Block & Keith MurphyNov 14/7:30 pmCWB$16
280Kate CallahanOct 24/7:30 pmCWB$16
279Creole StompSun Sep 27/4:00 pmWPSU$16
Spring 2015 47th Season 24th Year
278No Fuss and Feathers RoadshowMay 9/7:30 pmCWB$16
277April Verch BandApr 25/7:30 pmWPSU$16
276Heather Aubrey LloydApr 11/7:30 pmCWB$16
275Laura Cortese & the Dance CardsMar 7/7:30 pmCWB$16
274Orrin StarJan 17/7:30 pmCWB$16
Fall 2014 46th Season 23rd Year
273Dede Wylan and Momma TriedSat Oct 4/7:30 PMCWB$16
272Brother SunSat Oct 4/7:30 PMCWB$16
271Red Tail RingSat Oct 25/7:30 PMCWB$16
270Peter CaseSat Oct 4/7:30 PMCWB$16
Spring 2014 45th Season 23rd Year
269The Boxcar LiliesSat May 17/7:30 PMCWB$16
268Pesky J. NixonSat Apr 26/7:30 PMCWB$16
267Del ReySat Apr 5/7:30 PMCWB$16
266David FranceySat Mar 22/7:30 PMCWB$16
265Verlon ThompsonSat Feb 8/7:30 PMCWB$16
264Burning Bridget ClearySat Jan 18/7:30 PMCWB$16
Fall 2013 44th Season 22nd Year
263Bill StainesSat Dec 14/7:30 PMCWB$16
262AlashThu Nov 14/7:30 PMWPSU$16
261Beppe GambettaSat Oct 19/7:30 PMWPSU$16
260Lindsay Lou & the FlatbellysSat Sep 28/7:30 PMWPSU$16
Spring 2013 43rd Season 22nd Year
259Greg TrooperSat May 11/7:30 PMCWB$16
258Tumbling BonesSat Apr 27/7:30 PMCWB$16
257Tim Eriksen & the Trio de PumpkintownSat Apr 13/7:30 PMCWB$19
256Long Time CourtingSat Mar 23/7:30 PMCWB$16
255Scott AinslieSat Feb 9/7:30 PMCWB$16
254Sally BarrisSat Jan 26/7:30 PMCWB$16
Fall 2012 42nd Season 21st Year
253Joy Kills SorrowTue Dec 4/7:45 PMWPSU$16
252Town MountainSat Nov 10/7:30 PMCWB$16
251James KeelaghanDave PottsSat Oct 20/7:30 PMCWB$16
250Atwater-DonnellySat Sep 29/7:30 PMCWB$16
Spring 2012 41st Season 21st Year
249Tish HinojosaSat May 12/7:30 PMCWB$16
248Steve JamesSat Apr 28/7:30 PMCWB$16
247The Stray BirdsSat Mar 31/7:30 PMCWB$16
246Simple Gifts20th Anniversary Festival with Callanish, Chicken Tractor, Jim Colbert, Doug Irwin, Mountain Fire, Picker & Papa, Pure Cane Sugar, Richard Sleigh, Andy Tolins, Tussey Mountain Moonshiners, and jam sessions led by Max Siegel, Michelle Katz, Mark Ralston, and John Collins.Sat Feb 25/1-8 pmWPSUF R E E
245Jeffrey FoucaultSat Jan 14/7:30 PMWPSU$16
Fall 2011 40th Season 20th Year
244Darrell ScottWed Dec 7/7:45 PMWPSU$16
243Doug and Telisha WilliamsSat Nov 19/7:30 PMCWB$16
242Mary GauthierSat Nov 5/7:30 PMCWB$19
241Frank Solivan and Dirty KitchenSat Oct 22/7:30 PMCWB$16
240Frank FairfieldSat Sep 17/7:30 PMCWB$16
Spring 2011 39th Season 20th Year
239Four Shillings ShortSat Apr 30/7:30 PMCWB$16
238Pokey LaFarge & the South City ThreeThe Twilite BroadcastersSat Apr 16/7:30 PMCWB$16
237Matt & Shannon HeatonSat Mar 26/7:30 PMCWB$16
236Foghorn StringbandSat Mar 19/7:30 PMCWB$16
235The Steel WheelsSat Feb 5/7:30 PMCWB$16
234Diana JonesSat Jan 22/7:30 PMCWB$16
Fall 2010 38th Season 19th Year
233Mark O’ConnorWed Dec 1/7:45 PMWPSU$32
232The Craven Family BandSat Nov 20/7:30 PMCWB$16
231The Guy Mendilow BandSat Oct 23/7:30 PMWPSU$16
230Rod Picott & Amanda ShiresSat Oct 2/7:30 PMCWB$16
229The Allegheny RidgerunnersMon Sep 6/4:30 PMCWBF R E E
Spring 2010 37th Season 19th Year
228Laurie Lewis & Tom RozumMon May 31/5:30 PMCWB$14/$16
227Claudia SchmidtSat May 22/7:30 PMCWB$14/$16
226Alash EnsembleMimi Jong and AppalAsiaSat May 1/7:30 PMWPSU$14/$16
225Sparky & Rhonda RuckerMatt BrownSat Apr 17/7:30 PMCWB$14/$16
224Stacey Earle & Mark StuartZoe MulfordSat Apr 3/7:30 PMCWB$14/$16
223Kevin Burke and Cal ScottSimple GiftsSat Mar 20/6:45 PMWPSU$14/$16
222Abbie Gardner & Anthony DaCostaGreg KlymaSat Feb 27/7:30 PMCWB$14/$16
221Verlon ThompsonJim ColbertSat Jan 16/7:30 PMCWB$14/$16
Fall 2009 36th Season 18th Year
220DALAMaria DuBielSat Nov 21/7:30 PMCWB$14/$16
219CrowfootFri Nov 13/7:30 PMCWB$14/$16
218Paul Rishel & Annie RainesPhil (Blues Boy) MinissaleSat Oct 31/7:30 PMCWB$14/$16
217Beth PattersonAncient EchosSat Oct 3/7:30 PMCWB$14/$16
216Rustical Quality String BandMon Sep 7/4:00 PMCWBF R E E
Spring 2009 35th Season 18th Year
215Ann HillsMichael SmithSun May 17/4:00 PMCWB$14
214Vance GilbertDan LaVoieSat May 2/7:30 PMWPSU$15
213John LillyLocal ShowcaseSat Apr 18/7:30 PMCWB$14
212The HotseatsTussey Mountain MoonshinersSat Apr 4/7:30 PMCWB$14
211ELLISHannah BingmanSat Mar 21/7:30 PMCWB$14
210Kim BeggsCreaking Tree String QuartetSat Feb 14/7:30 PMWPSU$15
209Toby WalkerAngelo M.Sat Jan 31/7:30 PMCWB$14
208Peter OstroushkoSun Jan 18/4:00 PMCWB$14
Fall 2008 34th Season 17th Year
207Grey Larsen & Cindy KalletHank CramerSat Dec 6/7:30 PMCWB$14
206We’re About Nine Cornpone SallySat Nov 8/7:30 PMCWB$14
205Sons of the Never WrongNick Annis and Elizabeth CrisfieldSat Oct 4/7:30 PMCWB$15
204Van WagnerBrad YoderFri Sep 19/7:30 PMCWB$14
203The Fox Hunt Mon Sep 1/4:00 PMCWBF R E E
Spring 2008 33rd Season 17th Year
202The Biscuit Burners Crossing North Sat May 17/7:30 PMWPSU$15
201Erik BalkeyKaren MalSat May 3/7:30 PMCWB$14
200Dry Branch Fire Squad The Milroys Sat Apr 19/7:00 PMMNMS$16
199Pat Wictor / Danielle MiragliaSat Apr 5/7:30 PMCWB$14
198Joel Mabus Local Showcase: The Tussey Mountain Moonshiners, Daughters of AnnSat Mar 22/7:30 PMCWB$14
197Richard Smith & Julie Adams Jud Caswell Sat Mar 1/7:30 PMCWB$14
196Siobhan Quinn & Michael Bowers Will Mills & Jeff Howaneck Sat Feb 9/7:30 PMCWB$14
195TanglefootWe’re About Nine Sat Jan 19/7:30 PMWPSU$15
Fall 2007 32nd Season 16th Year
194Eric Schwartz The Two Man Gentlemen BandSat Dec 1/7:30 PMCWB$12
193Lauren Sheehan Bob Beach Sat Nov 17/7:30 PMCWB$12
192Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem RootboundSat Nov 10/7:30 PMCWB$19
191The Hillbilly Gypsies The Fox Hunt Sat Oct 20/7:30 PMCWB$12
190BoholaMarc BerardoSat Sep 29/7:30 PMCWB$17
189Bill Staines Pam Goddard Sat Sep 15/7:30 PMCWB$15
Spring 2007 31st Season 16th Year
188Kendra Ward & Bob Bence Local Showcase: Karen Alley, Barb Ballenger, What’s Left?Sat May 5/7:30 PMCWB$12
187Christine LavinHannah BingmanSat Apr 14/7:30 PMHSS$15
186Red MollyErik BalkeySat Mar 24/7:30 PMCWB$15
185The Dust Poets Neil JacobsSat Mar 3/7:30 PMCWB$12
184Rory Block Richard SleighSat Feb 10/7:30 PMWPSU$17
183Simple GiftsSat Jan 13/7:30 PMWPSU$15
Fall 2006 30th Season 15th Year
182Laurie Lewis & Tom RozumBerritt Smylin’ BandSat Dec 2/7:30 PMCWB$20
181Deidre McCallaJohn StatzSat Nov 11/7:30 PMCWB$12
180GirlymanAnnie PattersonSat Oct 28/7:30 PMWPSU$15
179Jay MankitaButch Ross & Christy BurnsSat Oct 7/7:30 PMCWB$12
178David Wilcox Red Molly Sat Sep 23/7:30 PMHSS$15
Spring 2006 29th Season 15th Year
177Bruce MolskyNoah ZacharinSat May 6/7:30 PMCWB$12
176Mike CrossPat WictorSat Apr 22/7:30 PMHSS$15
175Ged Foley & Kevin BurkeSun Apr 9/6:30 PMCWB$15
174Chris SmitherDeidre McCallaSat Apr 1/7:30 PMWPSU$12
173PipelineFieldstoneSat Mar 18/7:30 PMCWB$12
172The Creaking Tree String QuartetRebecca Hall & Ken AndersonSat Feb 25/7:30 PMCWB$12
171Steve Gillette & Cindy MangsenLocal ShowcaseSat Feb 11/7:30 PMCWB$12
170Erica WheelerBrad YoderSat Jan 21/7:30 PMCWB$12
Fall 2005 28th Season 14th Year
169The Kruger Brothersthe everybodyfieldsSat Dec 3/7:30 PMHSS$15
168Jim MalcolmCurtis RockwellSat Nov 5/7:30 PMCWB$12
167Small PotatoesJim ColbertSat Oct 22/7:30 PMCWB$12
166The WIYOSScott ‘Dog Boy’ AppelSat Oct 8/7:30 PMCWB$12
165GalitchaMichael YoungSat Sep 24/7:30 PMCWB$12
Spring 2005 27th Season 14th Year
164James KeelaghanSat Jun 11/7:30 PMCWB$12
163Spider John KoernerVan WagnerSat May 7/7:30 PMCWB$12
162Hickory ProjectJoe CrookstonSat Apr 23/7:30 PMCWB$12
161Le Vent du NordNone: 13th Anniversary ShowSat Apr 9/7:30 PMCWB$15
160Ann RabsonWishing ChairSat Mar 26/7:30 PMCWB$12
159Kim & Reggie HarrisKelly CarmichaelSat Feb 19/7:30 PMCWB$12
158The KennedysLocal Showcase: Moosecats and Hannah BingmanSat Jan 29/7:30 PMCWB$12
157Sara Milonovich & Greg AndersonWilliam KunsmanSat Jan 15/7:30 PMCWB$12
Fall 2004 26th Season 13th Year
156Patty LarkinRuss RentlerFri Dec 3/7:30 PMHSS$15
155Scott AinslieMary Sue TwohySat Nov 13/7:30 PMCWB$12
154Sons of the Never WrongClannamoreSat Oct 23/7:30 PMCWB$12
153The Arrogant WormsFitzgerald & BeachSat Oct 9/7:30 PMCWB$15
152Full Frontal FolkThe WIYOSSat Sep 25/7:30 PMCWB$12
Spring 2004 25th Season 13th Year
151Hot Soup!Bradley LitwinSat May 8/7:30 PMUU$12
150Finest KindDebra CowanSat Apr 24/7:30 PMCWB$12
149John McCutcheonHickory ProjectSun Apr 4/7:30 PMHSS$15
148Pat DonohueCarol PonderSat Mar 20/7:30 PMCWB$12
147Tolins Bluegrass RevueCallanishSat Feb 28/7:30 PMCWB$12
146Sparky & Rhonda RuckerLocal Showcase, Jim Colbert and Kate MorrisseySat Jan 31/7:30 PMCWB$12
Fall 2003 24th Season 12th Year
145John LillyDawn KinnardSat Dec 13/7:30 PMCWB$12
144The Kruger BrothersIronworksSat Nov 15/7:30 PMHSS$12
143BarachoisLaurie HartSun Oct 26/7:30 PMHSS$15
142No Strings AttachedErnie HawkinsSat Oct 4/7:30 PMCWB$12
141Lynn MilesBrad YoderSat Sep 20/7:30 PMCWB$12
Spring 2003 23rd Season 12th Year
140Jack WilliamsBarbara PhaneufSat May 17/7:30 PMCWB$10
139Darryl PurposeBeth AmselSat May 3/7:30 PMCWB$10
138Billy JonasBethanie YeakleSat Apr 12/7:30 PMCWB$10
137ArtisanJohn ShermanSat Mar 22/7:30 PMCWB$10
136Patrick StreetAssemblySun Mar 2/7:30 PMCWB$12
13511th Anniversary Show featuring Rustical Quality String Band with The Coal Country Cloggers.Local Showcase with Daniel Collins and Brennon John Bickel.Sat Feb 15/7:30 PMUU$12
134Atwater-DonnellyEve GoldbergSat Jan 25/7:30 PMCWB$10
Fall 2002 22nd Season 11th Year
133Dry Branch Fire SquadCoyote RunSat Dec 7/7:30 PMUU$12
132Joel MabusJohn LillySat Nov 23/7:30 PMCWB$10
131April Verch BandMark ElliotSat Nov 2/7:30 PMCWB$10
130ClandestineJuggernautSat Oct 5/7:30 PMHSS$12
129John ForsterDeidre FlintSat Sep 14/7:30 PMCWB$10
Spring 2002 21st Season 11th Year
128Bryan BowersMadrigalSat May 11/7:30 PMCWB$10
127SONiAKevin SoSat Apr 27/7:30 PMCWB$10
126Waterson:CarthyAndy TolinsSat Apr 13/7:30 PMHSS$10
125Southern Rail3 Generations on StringsSat Mar 23/7:30 PMCWB$10
12410th Anniversary with Michelle Katz, Steele Hollow and Simple GiftsLocal showcaseSat Feb 23/7:30 PMUU$10
123Peggy SeegerJudy CookSat Feb 9/7:30 PMCWB$10
122David OlneyRichard WylieSat Jan 26/7:30 PMCWB$10
Fall 2001 20th Season 10th Year
121Northwest TerritoryJo Serrapere & John DevineSat Dec 1/7:30 PMCWB$10
120Mike SeegerSat Nov 17/7:30 PMCWB$10
119Michael SmithBeth AmselSat Nov 3/7:30 PMCWB$10
118The Chenille SistersThe RentersSat Oct 13/7:30 PMCWB$10
117Dave Carter & Tracy GrammerBen Murray and Siobhan QuinnSat Sep 29/7:30 PMCWB$10
116Guy DavisBarbara PhaneufSat Sep 15/7:30 PMCWB$10
Spring 2001 19th Season 10th Year
115BarachoisJive 5 Minus 2Sun May 20/7:30 PMMNMS$12
114David RothMichelle KatzSat Apr 28/7:30 PMCWB$8
113Freyda Epstein and Rolly BrownBack Up & PushSat Apr 7/7:30 PMCWB$9
112Craobh RuaCeltic ClassicFri Mar 23/7:30 PMHSS$10
111Silk CityLocal Showcase featuring Three Generations on Strings, Steve Buckalew and Dave Lavrich, and Paul FarnhamSat Feb 24/7:30 PMHSS$9
110Al Petteway and Amy WhiteTravelin’ Tom & Dr. PaulSat Feb 3/7:30 PMCWB$8
109TanglefootRobert AtyeoSat Jan 20/7:30 PMCWB$10
Fall 2000 18th Season 9th Year
108Susan WernerRichard SleighSat Dec 9/7:30 PMCWB$10
107Y’allMindy SimmonsSat Nov 11/7:30 PMCWB$8
106The Wrigley SistersSteele HollowFri Oct 6/7:30 PMCWB$10
105The Austin Lounge LizardsDeirdre FlintSat Sep 23/7:30 PMHSS$15
104Walt Michael & Co.Les SampouFri Sep 8/7:30 PMCWB$9
Spring 2000 17th Season 9th Year
103Tom PaxtonArmor & SturtevantSat Jun 3/7:30 PMHSS$15
102CucanandyAkire BubarFri May 5/7:30 PMCWB$8
101Christopher ShawBradley LitwinSat Apr 8/7:30 PMCWB$8
100Simple GiftsMusical Showcase Tribute to Kim Fisher with Steele Hollow and Michelle KatzSat Mar 25/7:30 PMUU$10
99Cosy SheridanBrad YoderFri Feb 25/7:30 PMCWB$8
98Small PotatoesAndy Tolins & FriendsFri Jan 28/7:30 PMCWB$8
97Pat HumphriesNoneSat Jan 15/7:30 PMCWB$7
Fall 1999 16th Season 8th Year
96Voices of Winter: Priscilla Herdman, Anne Hills, and Cindy MangsenDarryl PurposeSun Dec 5/7:30 PMUU$15
95Rustical Quality String BandRounds, Sleigh, and ZoltenSat Nov 6/7:30 PMCWB$8
94Broadside ElectricKatya ChoroverSat Oct 23/7:30 PMCWB$8
93Barbara Phaneufdel GattosSat Oct 2/7:30 PMCWB$7
92Vance GilbertMindy SimmonsSat Sep 18/7:30 PMCWB$10
Spring 1999 15th Season 8th Year
91Chris Jones & the Night DriversBarton & SweenySat Jun 12/7:30 PMUU$8
90Greg BrownGirls from MarsFri May 21/7:30 PMUU$15
89Martin SimpsonDan StevensFri May 14/7:30 PMCWB$8
88Chuck BrodskyCucanandySat May 1/7:30 PMCWB$7
87Priscilla HerdmanCeltimorphosisSat Apr 17/7:30 PMCWB$8
86Pat DonohueLocal Showcase featuring Rhyne McCormick , KJ, & Stacy TibbettsSat Mar 20/7:30 PMCWB$7
85Robin & Linda Williams & Their Fine GroupThe Jive Five (minus Three)Fri Feb 26/7:30 PMHSS$10
84the modal men of mona’sY’ALLSat Feb 6/7:30 PMCWB$8
83Hot Soup!Nittany Highland BagpipersSat Jan 16/7:30 PMCWB$7
Fall 1998 14th Season 7th Year
82The House BandSaul BroudySun Dec 6/7:30 PMCWB$10
81Joel MabusTanya SavorySat Nov 21/7:30 PMCWB$7
80Lucy KaplanskyBarbara PhaneufSat Oct 10/7:30 PMCWB$8
79No Strings AttachedBernice LewisSat Oct 10/7:30 PMCWB$8
78An Cre’Steve BlackSat Sep 26/7:30 PMCWB$8
77Susan PiperVan WagnerSat Sep 12/7:30 PMCWB$7
Spring 1998 13th Season 7th Year
76John McCutcheonHot Soup!Fri Jun 5/7:30 PMUU$15
75ChulruaShowcase of Local Performers: Bruce Barr, Dar Frantz, and Van WagnerSat May 2/7:30 PMCWB$9
74Christine LavinSusan PiperSat Apr 18/7:30 PMUU$15
73NightingaleBroadside ElectricSat Apr 4/7:30 PMCWB$8
72Andy TolinsPeter KeaneSat Mar 21/7:30 PMCWB$7
71David MassengillPatrick McGinleySat Feb 28/7:30 PMCWB$7
70Cheryl WheelerMary Ann RossoniSat Feb 14/7:30 PMUU$12
69Armor and SturtevantRedwingSat Jan 24/7:30 PMCWB$7
Fall 1997 12th Season 6th Year
68The Lynn Morris BandRustical Quality String BandSat Dec 6/7:30 PMUU$10
67Sally RogersMajor OrdainedSat Nov 15/7:30 PMCWB$10
66Nancy TuckerJames MeeSat Oct 25/7:30 PMCWB$8
65Kim & Reggie Harris & MagpieChristina MuirSat Oct 11/7:30 PMCWB$10
64Vance GilbertLisaBeth WeberFri Sep 26/7:30 PMCWB$8
63Bill StainesPam GaddFri Sep 12/7:30 PMCWB$9
Spring 1997 11th Season 6th Year
62Lui CollinsGreg GreenwaySat May 31/7:30 PMCWB$8
61Bob FrankeBack Road String BandSat May 3/7:30 PMCWB$8
60Martin HayesBroadside ElectricSat Apr 12/7:30 PMCWB$12
59Simple Gifts and Special GuestsLocal showcase featuring Rick Burgsteiner, Joe Pillot, del GattosSat Mar 22/7:30 PMCWB$7
58ArtisanPhyllis CapannaSat Feb 22/7:30 PMCWB$8
57Small PotatoesSweetwater ReunionSat Jan 25/7:30 PMCWB$7
56Peter Oustroushko and Dean MagrawKozlovaFri Jan 17/7:30 PMUU$12
Fall 1996 10th Season 5th Year
55Herdman, Hills, & MangsenMike BrattFri Dec 6/7:30 PMCWB$12
54Roberts & BarrandJon RoundsSat Nov 9/7:30 PMCWB$8
53Eileen McGannStained Grass WindowSat Oct 26/7:30 PMCWB$8
52The CantrellsWily Milo String BandSat Oct 5/7:30 PMCWB$7
51Guy DavisThe JivebombersSat Sep 21/7:30 PMCWB$8
50Pint & DaleRuss McMillan & Toby CarlsonSat Sep 7/7:30 PMCWB$7
Spring 1996 9th Season 5th Year
49No Strings AttachedArmor & SturtevantSat May 18/7:30 PMCWB$7
48Laurie Lewis and Grant StreetRed Apple JuiceSun Apr 21/7:30 PMCWB$12
47Pat DonohueRustical QualitySat Mar 23/7:30 PMCWB$7
46WhirligigStephen TuttleSat Feb 24/7:30 PMCWB$8
45Michael SmithStrath-HannaSat Feb 10/7:30 PMCWB$7
44Susie Burke & David SuretteMuseSat Jan 20/7:30 PMCWB$7
Fall 1995 8th Season 4th Year
43CornerstonePhil SpoorSat Dec 2/7:30 PMCWB$7
42Cosy SheridanMedicinal PurposeSat Nov 18/7:30 PMCWB$7
41Norman & Nancy BlakeSusan Kemper & Andy TolinsSat Oct 28/7:30 PMCWB$15
40Kim & Reggie HarrisKris Kehr TrioSat Sep 30/7:30 PMCWB$7
39Burns SistersJohn CunninghamSat Sep 9/7:30 PMCWB$7
Spring 1995 7th Season 4th Year
38Appalachian Springlocal showcaseSat May 6/7:30 PMCWB$7
37Anne HillsRene CampbellSat Apr 22/7:30 PMCWB$10
36Mick Moloney & Eugene O’DonnellSat Mar 18/7:30 PMCWB$10
35John JacksonDiane McDanielsSat Feb 25/7:30 PMCWB$8
34Rosalie SorrelsCarol Lee EspySat Jan 14/7:30 PMCWB$8
Fall 1994 6th Season 3rd Year
33Debby McClatchyTerry KitchenSat Dec 3/7:30 PMCWB$8
32HeliconBellamyra TrioSat Nov 19/7:30 PMCWB$10
31Aztec Two-StepStan ShepherdSat Oct 22/7:30 PMCWB$10
30Bill Morrissey(2 shows)Sat Oct 15/7:30 PMCWB$10
29Jem & Arian and Nick BlantonSat Sep 24/7:30 PMCWB$10
Spring 1994 5th Season 3rd Year
28Sally Rogers & Howie BursenSun Jun 5/7:30 PMCWB$10
27Tom TaylorSat May 7/7:30 PMCWB$7
26Jamie WatsonBellamyra TrioSat Apr 23/7:30 PMCWB$7
25Lou & Peter Berryman3-D BettySat Apr 9/7:30 PMCWB$7
24Bridget BallSat Mar 26/7:30 PMCWB$7
23Joel MabusSat Mar 19/7:30 PMCWB$7
22Simple Gifts with Steve SchneiderSat Feb 12/7:30 PMCWB$7
21Steve Gillette & Cindy MangsenAndy SmithSat Feb 5/7:30 PMCWB$8
20Susan KemperRuss McMillanSat Jan 15/7:30 PMCWB$7
Fall 1993 4th Season 2nd Year
19Guaranteed IrishBruce YoungSat Dec 4/7:30 PMCWB$6
18Lorraine Lee & Bennett HammondSimple GiftsSat Nov 20/7:30 PMCWB$6
17Harvey Reid(2 shows)Sat Nov 6/7:30 PMCWB$6
16MagpieAndy TolinsSat Oct 23/7:30 PMCWB$6
15Beth WilliamsFreelance Bluegrass BandSat Oct 16/7:30 PMCWB$6
14Christopher ShawK.J. Riemensnyder-WagnerSat Sep 18/7:30 PMCWB$6
Spring 1993 3rd Season 2nd Year
13Tom TaylorRed Apple JuiceSat May 8/7:30 PMCWB$6
12Steve KeyPaul FarnhamSat Apr 17/7:30 PMCWB$6
11Jay SmarRick CosgroveSat Feb 13/7:30 PMCWB$6
10Sally Rogers & Claudia Schmidt(2 shows)Sat Jan 16/7:30 PMCWB$12
9Queen Beethree local performersSat Jan 9/7:30 PMCWB$6
Fall 1992 2nd Season 1st Year
8Susie Burke & David SuretteBellamyra TrioSat Dec 5/7:30 PMCWB$6
7Barby HolderChris MincerSat Nov 21/7:30 PMCWB$6
6Hugh BlumenfeldBen ClickSat Oct 17/7:30 PMCWB$6
5Cormac McCarthyRene CampbellFri Sep 18/7:30 PMCWB$6
Spring 1992 1st Season 1st Year
4Rustical Quality String BandIra CaplanSat May 9/7:30 PMCWB$5
3Red Apple JuiceAndy SmithFri Apr 24/7:30 PMCWB$5
2Chuck HallJ.R. ManganSat Mar 28/7:30 PMCWB$5
1Simple GiftsKevin MorrisseySat Feb 22/7:30 PMCWB$5

◆ CWB = Center for Well Being ◆ HSS = High School South Auditorium ◆ MNMS = Mount Nittany Middle School ◆ TST = The State Theatre ◆ UU = Unitarian Universalist Fellowship ◆ WPSU = WPSU Studios ◆ WPSU = WPSU Studios in Innovation Park ◆ 

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