Simple Gifts & 2Thousand – Sep 15 CWB

7:30 pm $18. Center for Well-Being, Lemont.  Buy tickets now

Simple Gifts
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Join us for an joining of old world and new, and world music with a new bend. Combining tradition with innovation, Simple Gifts creates some of the finest arrangements in folk music today: swing fiddle creeps into a Romanian dance, spoons show up in an Irish reel, and a blues lick introduces a Klezmer melody. 2Thousand is a dragon and a phoenix, born from each end of the world, in the ancient time when people believed the world was flat. The journey took more than one thousand years, when these two mythical beauties met in a new continent, while the world has became round. Together, you can expect a whole new world of sound delight.

“Few musicians can match the warmly personal stage presence Simple Gifts possesses. Their performances are noted for the infectious enthusiasm and sprinkling of good humor that come through.” —Jennifer O’Callaghan, Celtic Classic Festival, Bethlehem PA.